We are convinced that Europe needs impulses and can rely on the diversity and individuality of its individual regions.
The regions are the foundation on which decisions should be taken in the European Union and on which nationalisms that have become questionable and restrictive can be fully overcome.

We believe that the European idea takes shape through exchanges, through regular contacts and joint projects based on regional manageability. It is about the development of political and social leeway, which is represented in the regional entities. It is about the targeted combination of cultural and economic prosperity as a basis for democracy, freedom and human rights.

The regions of Europe are places where quality of life and cultural diversity can be experienced on a daily basis. The people living in these places have learned to think globally and bear regional responsibility, to combine prosperity with the development of culture and civilisation and to seek new ways of exchange and cooperation. Similarly, this of course applies to non-european regions and communities.

IncontriEuropei and the Fondazione L’Unione Europea Berlin are the sponsors of the project “Luigi Nono – Il canto sospeso” with Claudio Abbado, Umberto Eco, Susanne Lothar, Bruno Ganz, Angelica Ippolito, Gian Maria Volontè and Ben Kingsley.



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